Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Happy and Thrifty New Year to you all!

I'm posting in 2009!! Hopefully I can stay dedicated to blogging at least once a week if not twice! Ok, so I'm starting off the new year with pictures of my house decorated for Christmas. I know, I'm a lil' late with this post, but better late than never, right?!

Our banister garland is full of handmade ornaments from the kiddos over the years. Remember, this had the fall decorations in it a couple of months ago?Here is our firefighter Christmas tree and some of our favorite ornaments from the helmet topper.
And of course I can't forget my Christmasy (is that a word) apron collection:

and my very well loved vintage child's apron over my kitchen window...
Santa loved our cookies!

I have to tell you (because I know you will appreciate this) about my 10 year old's reaction Christmas morning. She had written Santa back in July & dropped it in the mail herself (in which she got a reply 2 weeks later from the North Pole!) to tell him that she wanted VINTAGE Barbie stuff for Christmas. Lo and behold he came through and when she woke up Christmas morning, there was the very first cardboard Barbie Dream House (not in mint condition, but it didn't make a difference!) along with a 1952 Midge and 1957 Skipper. She screamed and cried tears of joy (for the first time) and yelled "I can't believe this is happening, thank you Santa!" over and over! It couldn't have been a more awesome Christmas morning!

Happy New Year to you all and I promise more thriftiness to come in 2009!


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

OMG...I don't know what I love more -- that your daughter wanted something vintage for Christmas (chip off the old block ;-) or that receiving them made her cry tears of joy! LOVE IT.

Your house looks beautiful, of course. I hope your Christmas was merry, and thank YOU for making my days merrier with your blog!!

Happy new year, and hugs from the shore house -

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Ahhh, what great memories! I had that same cardboard Barbie house and I loved that thing! I carried it around the neighborhood, taking it too all my little friends houses to play. They don't make 'um like they used too! Happy New Year!! xo, suzy

belladella said...

Happy New Year! I am going to hold you to your blogging resolution. Twice a week at least! :)

The barbies are awesome. What a cool thing to ask Santa for. I KNOW she is taking after her mom.

Your house looks beautiful. I just took all my stuff down yesterday and it looks so empty, but I love it!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Happy New Year Chickadee!
How beautiful and festive your house is.

I love your new look and glad I'll be seeing more of you this year!

Now when did you say you were coming over to help me decorate my place?


Big Hair Envy said...

OMG!!! Your home AND your site look just beautiful!!! Keep those posts coming:)

You MUST purchase that Barbie tree for your daughter's room. The topper could be a can of Aqua Net! Heehee!!!

Lunch? Soon?

Lorri said...

Your home is beautiful. So happy you stopped by and left a message. Please visit again. I am adding you to my blog list. Have a happy new year.

Corgidogmama~ said...

Who....wouldn't want to live at your house! Charming, cozy, and a real winter wonderland! I'm packin' right now! Put on the kettle!

Cool Breeze said...

I am sure that Santa was full of tears when he heard how happy she was.

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