Saturday, November 20, 2010

Couponing 101 with Carmen Coupon

I got to mark another thing off my "bucket list" last week.  Everyone that knows me, knows that I DO. NOT. SPEAK. IN. FRONT. OF. GROUPS!  No public speaking for me.  NEVER!  EVER!  JUST CAN'T DO IT!  So, I decided that it would go on my bucket list of things to do at some point in my life...just not in the near future.  Sooooo, when one of my friends found out that she needed a speaker for our church's woman's group because of a cancelation, another friend of mine said to her, "I know who you can get!  You should ask the thriftiest chick in all of the universe to do a workshop on couponing.  The one who can out-thrift anyone.  We all want to be like her, so why not have her come and give a little lesson on  how she has learned to be so dang thrifty.  Carmen Coupon!".  Ok, so that's how I imagined the conversation going, anyway.  Just let me live in my fantasy world, people!  Long story short, I was asked, and with my mind jumping to my bucket list...I agreed...this is my opportunity...a lil' (lot) sooner than I had planned, but this is about something that I LOVE!  That's when the sweating started.  I got together a Powerpoint to use as my guideline, so as not to lose what I was saying, as I always do when I'm talking...what was I saying?...brain fog is what another friend calls it.  I just knew my mind would go absolutely blank.  Also, having a slideshow up on a big screen is another way to divert the attention elsewhere...the audience can look at the screen instead of me.  So, I had my Powerpoint presentation, props, 3 layers of deodorant,  and the shakes and headed off to the church.  After a few technical snafus, we were able to get the show on the road...and because of such a great interactive audience, went on for an hour and forty-five minutes!  Whew!  I lived through it people, and I don't even care if I didn't do a good job, I'm marking something else off my bucket list and I actually had a good time doing it :)

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Anonymous said...

Great power point! I finally have a step by step guide for what you have been trying to explain to me. OK, I am a little/lost slow!

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