Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One Man's Trash...

After reading this, you'll be trying to beat your man to taking the trash so that you can check out the goods at the dump (aka convenience center :)!  It's amazing how many things I have found while taking the trash to the dump. Ok, well sometimes I just stop in "for the fun of it" but there is usually something there waiting for me under the donation pavilion or in the book closet screaming my name and pleading with me to take it home, whether it's another piece of furniture, a magazine, or a  My very understanding man says that he didn't know he was marrying Fred Sanford.
Pull up a barstool and let me tell you about the best "deal" I've found at the dump thus far. These two babies were destined to be tossed into the in NEVER.TO.BE.USED.AGAIN!  These are POTTERY BARN!  Do you KNOW how much these cost?!?  $250 EACH is what they cost!
  So, I pull up just as this crazy as a loon giving man is getting ready to heave the BRAND NEW POTTERY BARN barstools into the dumpster!  I park, jump out, and yell to the man to STOP because I couldn't bear to see them thrown into the dumpster only to be CRUSHED TO BITS and at the time I didn't even know they were POTTERY BARN! This guy proceeds to tell me that the two barstools each have a small scratch on the back of them.  His wife had ordered them from Pottery Barn and when they were delivered, they had these scratches (we're talking 1" or less scratches).  She called Pottery Barn and they told her to keep the 4 that she had and they would send four more. So, of course, what do you do with the first four?  You take them to the dump, is what you do...seriously?  Well, lucky for me they did, right?! After I had gotten home with these is when it occurred to me that he was saying he had 2 more to take to the dump! This was truly a slapping the forehead moment.  So, what I want to know is if anybody got the other 2 or were they really tossed into the dumpster never to be seen again?
Moral of the story:  One woman's trash is this woman's treasure!  

I <3 old books, especially when they are from the 1800's to early 1900's.  The old farm stool, we sold at our shop as well as the table below.  We kept the stool as is, but painted the lil' table.

I'm always finding good books in the book closet, whether they are for me or someone else.  Sometimes I will donate them to the library.  And I love to find current issues of magazines!

So, some of you probably wouldn't have taken the lightbulbs...but hey, these are worth about $6 each, so I figured it was worth it to me to see if they worked...they did!

Who's ready to take the trash to the dump?


big hair envy said...

Pottery Barn? Seriously??? You are my dumpster-diving hero;)

LBP said...

My name is Linda and I am a dumpster diver!! Except now where I live, in a rural area, you take your trash to the dumpster and they compact it right away. Used to be you just threw it in, that's when I would climb to the top and peek in to see if there were any treasures. Pottery Barn stools? what were they thinking??



Thrifty Cents said...

Big Hair, you can come dumpster-dive with me anytime :)
Linda, nice to meet you! I sure hope we don't go to the compactors...I can't handle that!

Mikey said...

Man, those pottery barn chairs are nice!!!
I want your dump.. here, they don't let you take anything, however they couldn't stop me from taking the puppy in the culvert. It was a "don't argue with me" moment.
Love this blog, I wanted to do the same kind of blog, but had to see if someone already had it covered. Looks like you do :) Keep up the awesome work, I have go now and read more...

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