Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"What I Wore" Wednesday

 So these pics are from a quick jaunt to our 2 local thrift stores back in October...I have so much catching up to do! One of these stores, sadly, only lasted 6 months.  I'm not sure why because they had great stuff for a great price, but possibly it was that the other store is a couple hundred yards away and they are much bigger and even cheaper...I mean like yard sale prices.

I love this fleece, although I think it's a deep pink and everyone tells me it's actually red.
Fleece - Thrift Store - $1
I love this sweater, as well.  I was lucky to find the necklace in the same hue.
Sweater - Thrift Store - $1.50
Necklace - Goodwill - $3.00
Tank - Kohls - $2.00
I love the ruffles on this sweater.  This was from the store that closed :(
Sweater - Thrift Store - $3.00
Tank - Kohls - $2.00
I have tons of jeans (all from yard sales, thrift stores, and Goodwill) because they are what I prefer to wear whenever I can't wear my fleece pajama pants :)  Anybody buy any Pajama Jeans yet?  I'm SO not kidding when I say that I want some Pajama Jeans...only I'm not paying $48! 

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