Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I hope every mother out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! Mine was a perfect day...starting with breakfast by my oldest daughter along with cards made by both girls and my husband. My mother was able to join us for our breakfast of cinnamon buns which was wonderful.

Then came about 30 minutes where I just sat by the river with my coffee and magazine.

And look what my mom & dad gave ME for Mother's Day...
...many, many treasures handed down from my Grandma Claire and my mom, along with a few things found in thrift shops. It was so special and so much fun to go through! The tin and box also hold little saucers. It's so beautiful all put together in the metal tub that I kinda hate to "undo" it. At least I have the pictures, right?!

A great picture of my Grandma Claire & PawPaw.

And you just have to see this sweet little cupcake plate that my mom made!
She took a votive holder (upside down) and glued it to the bottom of the glass plate and added a cheese dome (the glass domes that come with the cheese boards). Too cute!

Here I am with my mom and dad.

This is what we gave my mom for her porch at the river.

What a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day!

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