Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gotta Love Estate Sales!

It's not very often that I'm able to go to an estate sale...there just doesn't seem to be very many around our area. This one particular day, though, I was able to leave work on a Friday and get to the sale before too many people had pounced on the goods. I picked up the two rectangular pillows below and the owner told me that if I bought the 2 of them for $8.00, then I could have the square pillow for $1. Don't ask my hubby, but I think they were a good deal. Don't ask him because,...I washed them when I got home (because I wash EVERYTHING) and one of the corners ripped terribly on one of the rectangular pillows. And it went downhill from there because, the fringe that was on the corner ended up clogging up the washer (which took my darling hubby about 45 mins. to unclog...but he fixed it...and didn't break it further, which is quite an accomplishment). Thankfully, it didn't burn up the motor or else I would have to think that being thrifty doesn't always work out so well.
Although, I love the pillows, they were not my favorite finds for the day. But these vintage hooked rugs

and this boudoir chair were!

I could swear that the rugs were the "booby prize" of the day or the one thing that the owners never thought would sell. I'm sure they thought about putting them in the trash, but then decided to see if anybody would ACTUALLY buy them...for $5 each! I wish they could see them now! These rugs are a good 3'x5' size and were incredibly DIRTY! I wish so badly that I had taken "before" pictures. After taking them outside, scrubbing detergent on them, and power washing them with the waterhose, they look MUCH nicer. I figured for $10, it wouldn't kill me if they ruined, but *I would only suggest this method as a last resort*. Now don't get me wrong, they are still somewhat stained, but they definitely are usable.

The chair was originally $65, this included a long window valance (that an ottoman will be covered with as soon as I can find the perfect one), and the pillows to match. I thought this was a little too high, so I went back on the third day hoping to get it half price...well it was marked $50 and that just wasn't good enough, so with 1 hour left of the sale, I talked them down to $35! I left there a very happy girl! My dear & wonderful hubby cooperated beautifully while helping to load it into our minivan and only asked where I would put ANOTHER chair.


Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I hate when I forget to take a "before" picture! Love your finds!

Marcie said...

Yeah, Carmen, where ARE you going to put another chair??? Good question Travis!! :)

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