Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Antique Mall Sidewalk Sale

It's not too often that you can find a bargain at an antique mall, but my mom and I thought that we'd try one right down the road from us because we were desperate for just one more sale before we headed home. Well, look what I found!

This was marked $10 and I couldn't believe it! The glass is Very heavy and it seems to be Very old, but in perfect condition! I think this is something I'm going to decorate every holiday.

I also found this iron pot...the original price was $30 and it was marked to $3! I'm not sure if I'm going to use it for cooking or use it as a planter. I like the planter idea, but with my husband coming from a brunswick stew cookin' family, he wants to use it for what it was intended.

Anyway, the total was...come on all of you math whizzes...yes $

Well, I have to admit that when I took the cash out of my wallet, I only had $11 and not $13, so the nice couple let me have both of these amazing items for just $11! What a bargain!

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