Saturday, June 7, 2008

Have I Told You That I Love Church Yard Sales?

So every year (sometimes twice a year) I go to this beautiful country church right down the road from me for their yard sale. I always end up with wonderful treasures along with a loaf of zucchini bread made by my childhood babysitter.
I spent 1 hour here and this is what I bought:
I'm always seeing that other bloggers find these cool vintage bingo cards and couldn't ever figure out where they're getting them from, so it was my turn...I found a whole box full, maybe 50 of them along with the numbers and little wooden markers for .50!!! I also found some scrapbooking rub-ons for .50, 8 vintage pillow cases for .25 each (some w/ lace & some embroidered...I adore the 2 with roses), an aqua picture frame for .25, 2 glass insulators for .50 each...

my FAVORITE baby basket for $6 (the woman who was once carried in it as a baby was there at the sale), a metal basket of some sort for $1, wonderful red and white enamelware pot with handle to use for a planter was $1, green and aqua porch party lights for the river for $1, an embroidered dresser scarf for .25...yes there's more...

Printer's tray to be used for a shadow box for $3!, lovely new green wallet which I'm using now for .50, vintage aqua necklace was $1, beautiful double chain fob necklace for $1, spiral clips .50, stapler for my daughter .25, very old large Gold Medal printers block $1, silverplated salad servers were .50, fruity pants for my youngest .25, and last, but not least, 5 excellent books for .50 for my friend's children.

The grand total was $22! Beat that! Come on, I dare 'ya!

Then I went to work and ate zucchini bread! :0)

(The aqua wicker chair is my mom's and was used as a prop for the pics, but of course she got it FREE from a river cottage neighbor who was taking it to the landfill :0)

Can you even believe the bargains out there ready to be found?!

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Anonymous said...

sell me the glass bead necklace please! I am wearing a clear/navy beaded on today!

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