Monday, June 2, 2008

Yay! Another 2 Church Yardsales and a total of $16

So mom and I got up early 3 Saturdays ago to go to 4 church yardsales. Only 2 worked out for us, but we found plenty of goodies! Yes, mom, I know I took you 20 miles out of the way only to find 2 duds, but you live and learn! ;0)

But I am so happy with these finds...
A sweet wicker bathroom shelf with cabinets for $3.00, desk organizer was .50, old mechanical calculator for .25, and an original Dymo labeler with tape was .25!
The monogrammed "L" pillowcase was $1, the delicious peppermint candle was $2 (still had $19.95 price tag), the new (in the gift box) picture frame was .25, vintage crystal beaded necklace was $1.00, the blue flower dish was .50, the tall skinny glass pitcher w/ lid was .25!

Is this bag cute or what?! It came with both thermos' and the caddy...for $1!

A whole box of lace...I'll let you know what I do with it...for .50!

The sweet 1970's frog bag is one of my favs for .25, the 2 rose prints together were .25!

Here's a BEAUTIFUL mirror to go over my mantel for $5!!!! Look at the sweet rabbits! I'm gonna paint it creamy white and distress it a tad before hanging it! And look at the original price tag on the back!

Hope you have a thrifty weekend!

1 comment:

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Don't you love finding those original price tags (at least the ones like that!) Great mirror - it will look even better painted.

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