Friday, July 11, 2008

Before & After : Nightstand

I went to this estate sale a few weeks ago that I was so excited about, but when I got there, there were many people leaving empty handed and shaking their heads...not a good sign. Then when I went into the house, it was full upstairs and down and ONLY HALF OF THE THINGS WERE FOR SALE AND NOTHING WAS MARKED...a thrifters nightmare! If I was interested in something, I would have to lug it to find the owner and ask if it was for sale and if so, how much it was. Everything that was for sale was for the appraised prices too...VERY expensive. So anyway, on my way out, I found this little diamond in the rough outside. I asked how much it was and the guy said $10...I told him that I got 2 just like these for $2.50 each at another sale last year (true story) he took $5.

Now, are you asking why I would not only purchase this, but for $5?!

Well, because I knew it had potential...
Now look at this little beauty now, would 'ya?!

Now I have 5 coats of paint on this baby, a sweet 'lil rose decal, and ceramic rose knobs. This is now for sale in our booth at Through the Garden Gate. Cross your fingers that it sells for $38!

1 comment:

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

What a transformation! I'd have never believed anything that unremarkable could turn out that cute.

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