Saturday, July 12, 2008

A great trip to Goodwill...seeing beyond the existing color

If you're not any good at seeing beyond the present color of a piece of is the time to start! My oldest daughter and I made a trip to Goodwill the other day and somehow this vanity "jumped out" at me. I had to laugh when my friend, Lisa, asked how I was able to find this! I mean who couldn't see this a mile away?! As neon as it looks, I fell in love with it instantly, picturing it in peony pink or robins egg blue...immediately I could see a little girl in her shabby chic room sitting at her vanity admiring her little princess self in the mirror (that I would find later). When I saw the price tag of $20, I grabbed the tag as fast as I could. After getting it home, my daughters were upset when I mentioned painting it...they thought it looked perfect like this and especially for their room! Well, I had to burst their bubble and told them that I would certainly paint it and then probably sell it. My oldest thinks it would look cute in a two-toned green and blue. I'll show you how it looks when I'm done and I'll let you know if I'm going to sell it after it's painted...I'll have to bribe my children... Anyway, always keep your mind open and think outside of the box. I promise you that I've had to train myself to think this way.

By the way, this is a very old vanity & in great shape for it's age. It had the original wooden wheels, but unfortunately I have broken 2 off trying to move it around.
Sorry, I should have ironed first, but in the same trip, I found for $4 each, the vintage green skirt with pink frogs...I literally exclaimed, "Oh this is soooo me!" and didn't realize how loud I was until I heard a few women around me chuckle. This skirt even has the built in petti-pants trimmed in eyelet. Also, I found the Lilly Pulitzer (my favorite designer) green gingham skirt. I think I'll sell this on eBay as it is a little snug (it's a sz.2 if anyone is interested ;0).

My oldest found these 3 dresses for herself, all for $4 each. She gets very excited over finding great deals at Goodwill! I'm teaching her young to be a thrifty shopper!
Last, but not least, here is an adorable pink square seersucker tablecloth that I snagged for $1.50!

I challenge you on your next thrifting trip to see the potential in something you wouldn't ordinarily...feel free to comment about it!

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