Friday, August 1, 2008

A Quick Fix

Just had to show you this:

I had bought my oldest dd a Limited Too dress from a yard sale for $3.00 (like new). The first time she wore it to a birthday party, she ripped a good sized hole in the top (hence one reason I buy clothing at yard sales).

Well, I finally found the perfect pin that I've been looking for for 2 months to cover the hole...for .50. It's a sweet little hand crocheted and starched daffodil. Now it's as good as new...but even cuter!

Sorry for the bad focus and lighting as it is near midnight. Midnight?! Aaaaaahhhh! What am I doing still up?! Night Night!


sharie said...

Cute and looks just right1

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Wow that is a better after than before! You have a great blog. cherry

belladella said...

Just perfect! Hope you had a great weekend!

belladella said...

Thanks for reading the loonnggg ghost story! I appreciate it!

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