Wednesday, August 6, 2008

G.I. Junk Reporting for Duty...

Thought I'd give you a giggle for the day...

When I saw this picture of myself, I immediately thought I looked like a comic book character named "G.I. Junk" or something similar. I obviously take the job of junking seriously!

Anyhow, let's get down to business here...I've got to do a lil bit of braggin' because I had an AWESOME Saturday! My mom, mother-in-law, and oldest dd went with me to a church yard (benefiting the Knights of Columbus) sale in Tappahannock near where our river houses are. We'd been waiting all summer for this one because we've had good luck before. We got there in time to wait in a long line for 15 minutes before they let anyone pounce on the goods. And by the way, don't bother humiliating yourself by asking to see the goods a few 14 hours early at a church when there are like 12 sweaty men setting up the yard sale. Been there, done that, didn't work and got yelled at, by I think all 12 men, to boot!

Well, back to Sat. morning at 8:00. Although there were about 70 people shopping...we made out like bandits and even found another cart to fill was pretty cute seeing my oldest daughter pushing a cart! Here are all of the things that we bought there!

3 tiered standing metal shelf $3

Old hand painted Niagara Falls fan .10

Retro metal recipe box .25

Corn on the cob salt & pepper shakers & napkin holder .10

Roll of old floral wallpaper .25

Adorable handmade apron .10

Cherries plate & small floral platter .10 each

Lobster dish towel .10

Retro ice cream scoop .05

Set of 3 napkins w/ embroidered flowers .10

Vintage glove w/ nosegay & button .05

Set of 2 blue floral napkins .10
Large oval white lace tablecloth .10

Pink floral pillowcase .10

Retro colorful flowers flat sheet .10

Framed picture of grapes .75

2 alum. cake pans .10

2 small lamp shades .50

Vintage 8x10 frame $1

Long pc. furniture trim .10

Retro fabric Christmas tree .50

Primitive stuffed snowman .10

2 Cornices $1

Set of framed girl & boy pictures $2

Floral plate .10

Beautiful Limoges pink roses plate .25

3 tiered shabby chic corner shelf $2

Tiny floral glass .05
Set of retro recipe cards .15
Vintage square plaque w/ girl .10
Wooden shelf w/ drawers .75

Aqua china creamer & sugar dish $2.

Tiny silver picture frame .10

Glass salt & pepper shakers .10

Set of 6 coasters .25

Framed floral picture .50

Aqua Towel .10

Set of 3 dressed bunnies $1

Basket of candles, fruit, & veggies .50

Bird feeder .25

Set of 6 red & white demitasse cups & saucers .50

Pastel quilted design round tablecloth .10

4 small handmade pillowcases .10 each

Bright floral pillowcase .10

White damask round tablecloth .10

Set of 2 blue floral pillowcases .10

Metal shopping cart $2

Knitted daisy afghan $1

Vintage square sheer tablecloth w/ pink embroidered flowers .10

Dirt Devil $2

Norman Rockwell framed plate $1

Ramekins w/ rack .25

4 retro orange cups .50

"Haley" pencils .10

Dish shelf .10

2 metal pot racks .25

Flamingo sweater $1

That's 58 items for $28.05!!!!!!

So, it's only 9:45 AM and do you think we were ready to go back to the river? Heck no! We decided to go to a local auction, not expecting to actually BID on stuff! Well, boy did we!

In this pic, I look like I'm gonna kick somebody's butt if they touch any of our stuff! My mother in law got the old school desk ($5) and clippers ($12), my mom bought the beautiful old table on the right ($25), and I bought the box of 9 aprons ($4) for my dear hubby (and I promise I bought them first, before I knew that I was going to need him to come pick up all of the furniture that I would buy!), the 4 adorably shabby green chairs ($20) that are now on my porch, the black cottage bookshelf ($3), and the very shabby bookshelf ($1)!
My 9 yr. old vintage-loving daughter actually got upset thinking that I would paint over the wonderfully chippy green paint on the chairs, but I won't anytime soon b/c I love it too!I originally bid on this table to go in our booth, but then mom decided she wanted to buy it for their river cottage. Look at the beautiful detail:
Here are all of dh's aprons after washing. $4.00! Btw, he loves to continue his family tradition of helping the fire dept. with making & selling brunswick stew, so I thought these would be perfect. *disclaimer* I promise I did not intend to buy these for "sucking up" just happened that we needed help with furniture hauling!♥ Thank you darling!
So guess what we found when we got back to our river houses, that my father-in-law had picked up for FREE at the dump! This canopy that was perfect for covering our furniture since there was a chance of rain!and my hubby from the sun while chipping brush! What an awesomely thrifty weekend! Wish you coulda been there!


belladella said...

Oh thank goodness! Someone bought more stuff this weekend than I did! Haha! You go girl, um, I mean GI Junk. Great finds! Glad you were out of town while I was out and about- hehe!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Whoaaaaaaaaa that is a haul and a half. You did good..and I love seeing what you pay. That is the fun part..right? cherry

sharie said...

I'm stunned! How wonderful to find so many goodies and so cheap too!
Do you think I could hop on a plane and more importantly do you think they'd let me back on if I only got half as many treasures as you did!
Oh the envy I am feeling right now. not to mention jealous of your weather :-)

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