Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Suitcase of Fun

Here are the much anticipated ;0) pictures of all of the FREE linens that were in the suitcase that I bought in this post. It was a blast watching my 2 dd's going through all of these vintage things and squealing with delight as they tried on the nightgowns and aprons! It was like Christmas!

Sorry about the wonky colors in the pictures.

I think she's my favorite and boy was she someone else's favorite as well! Here they all are after I washed them by hand in Oxy-Clean at two different times...

There were 120 things in here!

  • 9 aprons

  • 1 pr. curtains

  • 1 vintage baby bib

  • 3 prs. ladies gloves

  • 3 crocheted pot holders

  • 18 cloth napkins

  • 1 heart pillow pincushion

  • 4 patches

  • 1 tiny bird scarf

  • 1 satin jewelry bag

  • 1 crocheted black purse

  • 1 pink tablecloth

  • 1 retro plastic birthday tablecloth

  • 1 bun warmer

  • 1 very old embroidered picture

  • 1 crocheted baby sweater

  • 1 pr. petti-pants

  • 2 babydoll dresses

  • 3 nightgowns

  • 2 very old bed jackets

  • 15 handkerchiefs

  • 1 dressy black cape

  • 15 hand towels

  • 14 table runners/scarves

  • 18 ladies scarves & souvenir scarves

  • 1 pillowcase

Also, I am loving my suitcases and have used them quite a bit already...still looking for the traincase to match!


belladella said...

You must be the luckiet woman on the planet. I am dying looking at all that stuff. It's like pandora's box of vintage linen! Wow! I love the pictures of it all hanging out on the line. Better yet, I love that like myself you have and use a clothesline!

sharie said...

I love exploring the contents of boxes. You just never know what you are going to find. Looks like you found a lot of lovelies in there.

svelteSTUFF said...

NICE! Any VERA scarves???

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