Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An Absolutely Exciting Antique Mall Sidewalk Sale

Can everybody say "Oooh Ahhhh!"? My mom and I hit the jackpot at, of all places, an antique mall sidewalk sale. We were so excited about finding so many goodies, that this is the day we signed up for our own booth at the antique mall.
While waiting for the antique mall sidewalk sale to start,
we went to a local church yardsale and found the little aluminum tray that folds up for .50 and the pack of vintage recipe cards for .10...big spenders, we are!

When we got to the antique mall, we were so excited! There was so much good stuff and such good prices, for the most part.

We love these signs that are made from doors, remember I got my mom one from the same place (not on sale) for mother's day made from a screen door. Well, mom saw this and snatched it up for $10! I love the saying..."think big thoughts, but relish small pleasures". The old fan was $10 and works perfectly at mom's river cottage. The stick looking thing is an herb drying rack for $1.00 that I now have some of my apron collection hanging on in the kitchen.

Mom got this adorable cake keeper for $4.00 and this sweet little powder tin for $2.00. Both have original paint and flowers. The pillow was $2.50. My small suitcase was free...I'll tell you about that in a minute.

I bought this cute yellow drawer with green handles that was naturally distressed for $4.00 (we have linens in it at "The Porch". I got this adorable lampshade for $1.00, and mom got this sweet strawberry pillow for $5.00. The funny thing about the pillow is that I have a purse that I bought on eBay last year that is made from the same vintage fabric. I'll have to take a pic of that one day too.

Here is the aluminum folding tray and recipe cards already mentioned and the cutest old medicine cabinet that I will keep for myself & paint, probably a vintage seafoam green, that I got for $8.00. There are 2 plates for my plate garden flowerbed border for $1.00 (1 is from Skyline Dr., one of my favorite places).

I think the only thing not mentioned already is the small conservatory...is that what you call it? It was $6.00 and the bunches of beautiful flowers for $3.50.

If you haven't been ooohing and ahhhing yet, then drumroll please...

...let me introduce to you the "suitcase of fun". That's what my girls and I call it anyway. This was the large suitcase to match the smaller one. Mom and I were looking at the old aprons & linens in this suitcase which were all marked individually. The nice woman selling these asked if I wanted to buy the suitcase with everything in it for $20. I grabbed it up and was so excited. Well, she had a 50% off sale and little did I know until I went to pay, that she was actually only charging me $10! AND she threw in the small suitcase for free! Ok, people, there are over 120 individual things in this suitcase! Wow, did my daughters and I have fun going through this stuff! I would have paid $10 for just the suitcases as they are from the 40's or 50's and are a beautiful seafoam green. I have used them 3 times already. I am looking for the train case to match...if anyone can help me with that, let me know! I forgot to add that I got quite a dirty look from the husband of the nice seller as he said to his wife, "Do you realize that the suitcase is full of stuff?!" and she said "Yep!" and I took the suitcase & ran and jumped in my mom's Trooper as fast as I could!Ok, keep in mind that simple things excite me!

I will post another entry about the "suitcase of fun" another day. It's almost midnight....I wish you all thrifty dreams!


Yard Sale Bloodbath said...

Wow, that suitcase full of stuff looks amazing!! Great scores!

A Thing for Roses said...

Hey Carmen!

You really scored. Lots of neat finds. I got that exact same medicine cabinet with the rose on it this week. Great minds think alike!


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