Friday, August 15, 2008

My Saturday FIX

I'm bound and determined to get this on here before Saturday. This is last Saturday's goods from another sale at the river. This one was held in a field near a shopping center and although the sign said that they started selling at 9:00, we, along with about 75 others were there at 8:00! I'm guessing by 9:00, half of everything was gone! My mom and I just kept making a pile and adding to it as people donated new stuff throughout the first hour. Of course, we missed out on some good deals, but we did end up with quite a bit of stuff!

The double rocker is for my front porch...this thing was wanted by many a yard saler! So, I asked the guy working there how much it was. He answered $15...and even though I thought that was a great price, I had to do my thing and ask if he'd take $12. Well, I felt stupid when he said, "Honey, this money goes to our church!" This was a church the middle of a field and we had no clue, no wonder everything was such a good price! Needless to say I was happy to pay $15. I think I saw the man cringe a few times whenever I came towards him with a new item, but really it was just to ask the price as they were not ready with everything priced yet.
Yes, this is giant pom pom fringe...the pom poms are about 2.5" big! We had to get this just to draw attention at The Porch if nothing else. It was .50...I don't know how anyone could pass this up!
The shutter screen is to make shelves out of for The Porch (which my dad promptly did). It was $2. The shabby green shelf is to go atop the table that it is on as a potting area on my porch. It was $1. The teal linen tablecloth was $1.00, the new in the package book fairy was $1, and the 2 oval bird prints were $1. The milk glass cake plate was also $1!Sorry this is a horrible picture, but this is like 20 lbs. of silverware of all sorts. My mom scored this for $8! There are probably 300 pcs. here!
The table with the drawer was $ now sits in my mom & dad's river cottage.
This little oval table had beautiful detail work. This one was $8! The crocheted tablecloth is beautiful and was $5.
This is my soon to be potting table to go on my porch. I will paint it, of course. This was $3!
This silver bracelet (which just needed a good cleaning) was .50.

Last, but certainly not least, was this set of 3 heart boxes. They are brand new, but are made to look vintage. They all have hinges on them and are lined. The stickers on the bottom added up to $56! I bought them for $1.50! Yay for me!

This may be the last of the summer sales for me because we have SO MUCH to paint and get ready for The Porch now! Well, we'll see...


sharie said...

Well done on your finds. I love the little double rocker and the vintage boxes for $1.50.

belladella said...

I am drooling over the double rocker. You never cease to amaze me! Keep your eyes peeled for a porch swing. That's what I am after these days. Have a great Saturday!

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW... such bargains! Love the bag in your cart in your sidebar... did you make that?

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