Thursday, August 14, 2008


Please forgive any misspellings or babbling...I've spent the last two nights volunteering at Girl Scout camp and with 250 or so Girl Scouts challenging each other to screaming matches (not making my 3 day headache any better), my brain is mush and now I think I'm half deaf too.
Anyway, I am so behind on posts, it's not funny! I don't know how those of you that post every day do it, I really don't! I would love to be able to do stay up to date, but for now I'll just keep my list (that's growing longer by the day) handy to pull past happenings from. So....we went on a wonderful camping trip a couple of weeks ago that I will post about (of course) at a later date! Now, I couldn't come back home without having gone to at least one thrift store! So Slindy's, it was. This is a wonderful thrift store in Culpeper,VA that is chocked full of great junk at cheap prices! This is one of those places where you really have to dig and climb, but that only makes it more rewarding when you find something great. I was only in there for about (I say 15 mins., my husband and children that were waiting in the car say 45 mins.) and I didn't even come close to seeing everything. It was quite a challenge to get my finds into the van that had my family and 3 days of camping stuff packed in it!

All of the things outside on the shelves along the wall were .25 each! Didn't have time to look at all of that stuff, though. And I quickly walked past the furniture knowing that I couldn't get any this day.
So I ended up with the very old baby basket on wheels (I love baby baskets) for $8.00, the quilt with 2 shams for $12.00, the pink lace trimmed table runner was .50, and the crocheted daffodil pin that was in this post was .50!

Ok...I've really got to go to bed and rest my head!
Night Night


belladella said...

Hope you get some rest this weekend :) Well, now I have a new store to add to my list. It looks like a good one, too! Thanks! I love the basket and quilt.

Dawn said...

Hello, I'm new to blogging, curtesy of my daughter and daughter-in-law. My daughter and I have shopped at Slindy's for several years now and have gotten some great bargins. My daughter-in-law is writing a blog this year to document her thrifting experiences in Oklahoma and I thought I would share after reading yours. It's yourtrash-my I hope you will check it out.

Thrifty Cottage Dreams said...

Thanks Dawn...I will definitely check out her blog!

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