Friday, November 21, 2008

A Fall Version of My Everyday Sights

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry that I'm not able to keep up with my blog like I want to! I greatly appreciate those of you have been stopping by and who have left me such nice comments! I have been SO busy lately! And I just have to mention that I just got a 98 on my first (in about 14 years) psyc paper!!!! *happy dance*
Anyway, I have all of these things that I've taken pictures of, for my blog, and am just waiting for extra time to post them. I have a feeling I'll be waiting quite awhile!

So, I'm just getting around to showing you some pictures from the last two weeks, of my hometown (although I really don't think you can call it a "town").

This is our house about 2 weeks after my banner picture was taken. ( I should now mention that the trees are just about bare and it is so windy and cold today...I even saw some flurries a little while ago!)

This rabbit planter was given to us as a wedding gift from a fellow preschool teacher eleven years ago. It was black and full of gorgeous flowers. I love how it looks aged after painting it green. These are the last of my flowers!
This is part of our backyard! Doesn't our hammock look so comfortable (I wouldn't know, I never lay in it!).
The Crepe Myrtles down our driveway.
Our sidewalk was so beautiful...I didn't want to sweep it! We still had ghostly greeters swinging from the trees.
This is looking off of the front porch down the driveway and across at the farm (there were students taking riding lessons at the time, but you can't see them here).
This is across the road from was a beautiful day!
This is the "new" multi-million dollar equestrian center neighboring the "old" horse farm across the road from us.This is one of the trees that are at our county complex. They looked like balls of fire in the parking lot for a few days. They really were this bright!
Look at this rainbow tree!
This is one of the roads around my house...I caught it on camera a couple of days too late, though.
This is our beautiful little church!
This is our courthouse. We were married here on the lawn on a cool spring day in June 1997. There is a large cemetary down the road from me, where these trees grow. Every year the top one turns such vibrant colors, but it wasn't as bright this year. I caught it anyway as the leaves were blowing off too early. The second picture was vibrant enough for both though.Here is an antique store that I pass by everyday. Can you believe that I haven't been in here in years?! Shame Shame!Thanks for accompanying me on my lil' tour! Fall just doesn't last long enough, does it?!


GeorgiaPeachez said...

Just beautiful, you have such a lovely home and your everyday views are fabulous. Enjoyed every single picture!

belladella said...

Happy to see a post from you today! Congrats on the 98- that definitely deserves a happy dance. The pictures are so beautiful. We were so blessed to have a gorgeous Fall around here. Boy is it cold today. Looks like snow flurries again. I guess I should check the weather :) Have a great weekend!

Elyse said...

just came upon your blog. very sweet and wonderful fall photos!

big hair envy said...

Oh, SO pretty! I miss seeing that area. Now that Snow White is driving, I don't travel 301 very often. The 360 side is not as pretty.....except Broaddus' Flats:)

Hope all is well on your side of town!

Elyse said...

hi again! thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! it made my day. :)

Cool Breeze said...

I recognize some of those places. 301 can be a nice drive.

Ericka said...

Awwww, so beautiful...I forgot how beautiful it is there. Hope you guys are having a GREAT autumn and that you send some of the chilly weather here ;0)

Ericka said...

oops mispelled "Wheather" ;0}

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

How gorgeous!!!

M ^..^

Barb said...

Beautiful area.
How have you managed to pass up that antique store?
Look forward to reading mroe of your blog.
Barbara Jean

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