Friday, October 22, 2010

Frugal Friday

My frugal Friday purchase was a pair of PRESCRIPTION glasses that cost me $17.00 plus my card that I use for online purchases gave me back $5 for shipping!  I bought these online through Eyebuydirect and was a little skeptical about the prescription part at this price.  They came in the mail a week after I ordered them and the prescription is just as good as my $300 glasses from  Lenscrafters.  I would like for them to be a little smaller in the lens area, but they will do me fine for $12!  Make sure that you look for a coupon code because they usually have one.
Happy Frugal Friday!


Stacy said...

Wow...that is a GREAT bargain...I'm gonna have to try it!!
And by the look GREAT in them!

Thrifty Cents said...

Aw, thanks girl!

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