Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"What I Wore" Wednesday

I've got a lot of catching up to do on my new "What I Wore" Wednesday posts.  I've taken pictures for over a year now of outfits that I've bought on the cheap.  BTW, I only wear thrifty outfits...I very rarely spend more than $25 on a whole outfit and try to stay below $12 from top to bottom. So, I'm gonna start with some summer clothes and on Wednesdays, I'll post my outfits and work my way up to fall :)
black sweater - yard sale $1
vintage 50's skirt - Goodwill $3
black sandals - Goodwill $4
(necklace  - yard sale .50)
Total = $8 with shoes

cropped jacket - Peebles marked down from $45 to $3 with extra 20% off
black tank - yard sale .10
white pants - yard sale .50
pink shoes - Goodwill - $4
Total = $7 with shoes
(this was a no make-up day apparently) 
wrap around dress - Goodwill $6
(fyi- don't wear a wrap around dress in front of an 
industrial sized fan when at an auction...
in a Marilyn Monroe kinda way,
it throws the auction all out of whack)
Total = $6 without shoes
This is the  skirt that I found at Goodwill and actually squealed out-loud (I got some strange looks) because not only was it vintage, but it was pink & green AND had frogs all over it...what more could I ask for...oh, for it to be cheap!
So the Aeropostale shirt (I couldn't find a fitted white polo anywhere else) and LL Bean flipflops threw off the thriftiness a lil' bit, but still a good deal!
white polo shirt - Aeropostale $20, but had a $10 coupon, so = $10
vintage frog skirt - Goodwill $3
flip flops - L.L. Bean $19, had $10 coupon + free shipping ;)
Total = $22 with shoes
dress (has matching cropped jacket) - Goodwill $6
black shoes - Goodwill $4
Total = $10 with shoes
I can't remember where this top came from, but I assure you, it was cheap :)
vintage strawberries skirt - Goodwill $3
white sandals - Goodwill $4
Total = under $10 with shoes
I have to show you this adorable charm necklace that I ordered from Cherry Hill Cottage.  It came with a picture of Gidget on one side and I put a picture of my adorable hubby and girls in of my favorite things and it cost only $19.  I'm wearing it with the outfit above.

teal top - Goodwill $3
ribbon skirt - Goodwill $3
pink shoes - Goodwill $4
Total = $10 with shoes

Happy Wednesday!

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