Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Halloween Birthday Party!

Well, once again, I've been away for awhile, but this time no happens.  So, I thought this would be the perfect time to share pictures of my oldest daughter's costume birthday party last October.  I was told by quite a few of the kids that it was the coolest party they've ever been to :-)  If you are thinking of having a Halloween party, I'm hoping that these pics will give you some ideas.  We are lucky enough to have a nice local Ruritan club/Firefighter Union facility near us and they rent their place for parties...which was perfect for this one esp. since we had 12 costumed girls! We made jello worms ahead of time...these were pretty gross and the kids loved them.  The white chocolate spiderweb cupcakes went over well and so did the spice cake that we decorated like a pumpkin.  We decorated old bottles with labels printed from the internet and put gross things in the bottles for decoration...tomato juice for blood, rubber snakes, spiders, rubber body parts, etc.  We found many of our decorations at the Dollar Tree.  We had karaoke and dancing on the stage complete with fog and a strobe light, tombstone shaped cookie eating contest (cookies hung from a string), watched Casper and an old Nancy Drew movie, and we slept in tents (but weren't quite prepared for the 50 degree temp).  For dinner we had a "Monster Mash"ed potato bar and for dessert, an "I Scream Bar". Oh, and I found the huge inflatable pumpkin/ghost decoration for $5 at a church yard sale!  That was definitely a good deal.   Tons of fun was had!

I think the birthday girl overdosed on fun!

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