Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

This Thrifty Thursday is made up of yard sale deals around our river place.
My mom and I both found matching chandeliers that we want to make into candle chandeliers.  These babies were $5...what a deal! They have all of the scrolly designs that I love in a chandelier.  I may have to add crystals too. These came with the 3 glass domes that we won't use.

The green shirt was .50 and the vintage sundress was $1!

dome light fixture $1, wire basket (sold) .25, roll of wrapping paper .25,

flower pots .25, spindles (for future project) .25, packs of gift wrap (who doesn't need that) .25 each

I am wishing that I got a better picture of all of these drawer pulls and knobs...55 of them to be exact for $6!  (replay) That's 55 drawer pulls and knobs for $6...seriously! I already used some of the white porcelain knobs on my shabbily beautiful yellow dresser that I found for $10 at a church sale. They were an exact match to the few that were on it originally.

Total = $20.00
 Happy Thrifty Thursday!

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