Friday, May 16, 2008

Thrifting in the Genes? Not so much!

To put it in my youngest little rugrat's princess' words, "What the....?". In case you haven't noticed...I LOVE getting a bargain! I am so PROUD of my little girls when someone compliments them and they say with enthusiasm, "Mama got this from Goodwill" or "Mama got this for $1 at a yard sale!". And I think that most of our family and friends have gotten over the shock of hearing my two sweet little angels admitting to this and now come to expect to hear about the latest thriftiness. Anyway, so when my first grader came home from school with these lil' pieces of hideousness this lil' treasure saying that she owed another little girl in her class $5 for it...I was appalled! I mean couldn't she have talked her down to 25 cents or somethin'? I mean it's in like 10 pieces and they're not even all there AND it's missing an eye (I was told that the lil' salesgirl plucked an eye out b/c she thought it was her birthstone and wanted to keep it). So, of course (after taking a picture), I told her that she would have to give it back to the little girl and tell her that she's not allowed to purchase things from other classmates (unless it's a bargain ;0) . Well, then she tells me that she got it out of the trash after the the lil' salesgirl threw it away! Now doesn't that beat all?!

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Marcie said...

That is too funny! Great story! And what a beautiful owl that is.

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