Tuesday, May 20, 2008

See what this girl can do with $21! A Church Sale Part 1

Do I love a good church yard sale! My mom and I arrived at this wonderful church sale when it first opened at 7:00. And boy do I love to see a church hall full of sweet elderly people selling their old (and new) treasures. Mainly because they just want you to be able to have whatever you want for however much you want to donate to the church. And they want you to have it all...for little of nothing! We took my mom's re-vamped shopping cart and once that overflowed, we happened to spy another old metal shopping cart for me! You can see that one after it's makeover down below. Well, we overflowed that one too. I keep wanting to say overflew, but I'm pretty sure it's overflowed. Here are my treasures for the day (the metal cart is covered up, but you know what they look like).

The metal shopping cart was $5 and we didn't even notice it at first because it was full of walking sticks (they tried to make us take all of the walking sticks that filled it too), so make sure you look at everything twice b/c you just might see a "diamond in the rough" that you didn't see the first time. The pink corduroy jacket and pumpkin fleece were $1 each, the white scallop trimmed linen tablecloth was $1, the beautiful rose scarf (not vintage, but looks it) was .50.

Tupperware...don't really need it, but I just can't pass up Tupperware for .10 each! There is a yellow cream pitcher and an olive green pickle container. Also there is the cutest Tupperware jello mold set that was $1. For .50 I got this Land 'o Lakes recipe box (I believe from the '80's) full of recipe cards, some hand written. The bread box was $4.00. The new American Girl bookmark with charm was .25. I had to get that to make my oldest daughter, whom I was sure would be quite peaved not being able to go with us, happy. Didn't work.

My favorite finds for the day were these 2 bracelets (.50 each). I have seen these at local shops for $30.00 each! I also like the vintage rhinestone bracelet and the new sterling earrings (each .50).

These are beautiful pink and clear glasses. Love them! Only $1 for the set of 2! As a matter of fact I think I may have a wine spritzer in one right now!

This is such a cute old Thermos brand cooler ($4). I may use it as a magazine rack or to hold flowers. Any other ideas? And yes, I know that I can use it for it's intended purpose, but I'm trying to look outside the box (or the cooler) here.

Here is the metal cart after I painted it and my mom sewed the liner for it. I've used it a few times already! You get a lot of attention with one of these along for the hunt with remarks like, "You really look like a professional!". So I hold my head up high and think to myself, "I'm proud to look like a professional "junquer".

This made my whole weekend! And for only $21 (well $20.95 + .05 donation)! HALLELUJAH!

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