Thursday, May 29, 2008

I learned from the Best...Church Sale Part 2

Well, hello all...I've been "under the weather", but am finally feeling better and ready to get to part 2 of the first church yard sale of the season! Here is Part 1 and now Part 2 is all about my mom's goodies. Remember, we were overflowing both of our carts and had to have 2 men help us carry things to the car for us!

Here is my mom's sweet cart!

She got hers for only $2 awhile back and after making the liner and even her name tag, this was the first time for putting it to good use!

(By the way, I am seeing these carts everywhere, but am not letting myself purchase anymore, unless someone requests that I purchase one, b/c although I love my cart, I need a free hand to grab with. Though, I do have a feeling that if anyone actually wants for me to find a cart for them, it is certain that I will never find one again. :0)

Many Many Goodies for only $14.30!

Here we go:

  • $5.00 medium sized black framed mirror

  • $2.00 pair of blue twin dotted swiss bedspreads

  • $1.00 Big Ben alarm clock

  • $1.00 beautiful thick gold scrolly tablecloth

  • $1.00 pair of aqua pillowcases

  • $1.00 peach three tiered dish

  • $1.25 three muffin pans

  • .75 three saucepans

  • .25 Longaberger tote bag

  • .25 milk glass table lamp

  • .25 green jewelry box

  • .25 grill basket

  • .10 cake decorator with tips

  • .10 tiny roses oil lamp

  • .10 box of light clips for outdoor lights

Wow! What a bargain!

And yes, I learned from the Best! Love 'ya mom!

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Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Fun stuff - and those carts are great! I think it might only encourage me to buy more, though.

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