Friday, May 23, 2008

Passing down the ART of REPURPOSING

OK, so I LOVE to think outside the box these days...always trying to figure out another useful purpose for a .25 item. Well, it seems that my darling daughters have also learned the art of repurposing. Just look how they're using my new table that I wrote about last week.

While I never pictured it as anything more than a table,my sweet little ones decided it would make a great ocean for their Barbie doll cruise. Boy am I proud!

But seriously, here is a great blog entry about repurposing:

and within the next month, I'd like to have some pics of things repurposed around my house to show. Also, for a challenge...try thinking outside the box and post a comment telling me what YOU are repurposing!

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linda said...

Hi Carmen
Sorry it took me so long to look at your blog - you can tell I don't check my home e-mail that often! But your blog is great! Very professional & appealing! I want to check out some of your links when I have time. Hey, I see that you are using Web 2.0 Library Thing ;-) Scott & I made a purchse this weekend from the RT 301 store, Through the Garden Gate - a great 30's Chinese screen.

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