Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Day in May ♥

Yes, I am waaaaay behind in my blog posts, but am slowly trying to catch up!
Well, my mom and I went on a thrifting field trip around Richmond a couple of months ago...just the two of us. It was an awesome day, but I swear it went by so fast that it felt like we were out for an hour instead of 6. Anyway, we started at the River City Diner where it took a long time to get served, but the food was wonderful and then went to The Family Thrift Center which I LOVED, For the Love of Jesus Thrift, Diversity Thrift, Salvation Army, & I'm sure a Goodwill was in there somewhere.This $3 lamp is for the river to kinda match some others that we have there, the $1 Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is for me b/c I ♥ the OBX AND lighthouses, the acrylic wedding stamps were .50, the sweet MRS pillowcase was .50...I'm guessing the MR got rid of this since there wasn't a pair ;o), the plates are for my plate garden border that I'm working on and were .25-.45... ♥ the calendar plates, the frog pots ( ♥ frogs) were .50 each, and the little metal chair was $2.50, oh and the vase was .50.

I couldn't pass up these 2 dresses for both my daughters...they each were $2.00-eyelet & flamingos, the flamingo capris (potential eBay item b/c they're too big) were $2.98, the dress with the sailboats fishing for martinis was $5 and is so perfect for the river.Don't you just ♥ it when a thrift store item is marked down?!

My girls know to look for the color of the week that's 50% off when we walk into Goodwill and they will yell out "look for GREEN!" or whatever color it is very LOUDLY. This used to make me want to dive under the nearest clothing rack, but now I think it's cute & I feel a little proud.

This lilac rose printed duvet was $3!!! And so perfect for the girls' bed...they ♥ it!

So we found a few things, but the best thing of all was spending time with my mom and doing something we both enjoy!

And can you tell that I'm excited about learning the code for " ♥ "?


Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Great summer clothes. I like how you display them, too. Nice job on the heart!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Lovely finds. I too love how you hung them from your laundry line. Very sweet.

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