Friday, July 18, 2008

My Lucky Charms

I don't usually get my 2 little ones up early on Sat. morning to go with me to yard sales, but a couple of weeks ago, I had to. There was a yard sale where an "antique yard sale" right down the road from me and I was going to be there come hell or high water. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my girls, but when it comes to shopping of any sort, my youngest usually lasts only about 60 seconds and my oldest about 15 minutes. But anyway, they both ended up going with me this day and I ended up calling them my "lucky charms". Okay, this is what you really want to know:
  • King sized wedding ring quilt (exc. cond.) $2
  • Vintage blue & white square tablecloth $1
  • Very old handmade quilt top (for mom to make lap quilts from)$2
  • Hooked rug (to match my other 2 and in great cond.)$7
  • Old Coffee Bean Bin $7
  • Vanity stool/chair (to go with this) $7
  • 5 Boyds Bear animals and 4 access. $13
  • Vintage metal kitchen cart (was very wobbly, but used a screwdriver-ingenious) $1
  • Beaded purse (the girls bought for themselves to share-yeah right) $2
  • 8 clothing items for ME (brand new) $1-$2 each
  • 4 "B" hankies (still in vintage box) $1
  • Shabby chic frame (with 12.99 sticker on) .50
  • 2 sweet dresses for my youngest $4 each
  • Large trellis trimmed picture frame $2
  • 2 primitive Christmas pillows (for holiday stock at The Porch).50 each
  • Plate for my flower garden border .10
  • Lilly Pulitzer (love her) acorn pants (new & to sell on eBay) $5

So this was an awesome day AND the girls HAD FUN! It was a win-win situation! I think they may go with me again...soon!


Shara said...

Wonderful finds. I have that same little red corduroy Boyds mouse sitting on my desk right now.

Foudn your blog through Ooodles and Oodles. Stop by my blog to see my thrifty finds!

belladella said...

You are the best! What awesome finds. I'd love to go shopping with you but we'd end up beating one another up :)

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