Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh, what a beautiful weekend!

I just cannot believe what a gorgeous weekend it was! Usually in August, we are sweltering and drowning in pools of perspiration while at the river, but it has been unusually nice the last few weeks! And thank goodness for the rain this morning! Not that it was much, but every little bit helps these days! I've just totally given up on one of my flower beds that is now skeletal and my 4 tomato plants produced a total of 6 tiny tomatoes.

So back to the weekend...it was cool and breezy and fall-like, just perfect! Saturday morning, my mom and both daughters went yard-saling...big surprise! We found the most perfect yard-salingmobile...too bad my hubby can't build me one of these! And the couple that built it is selling it for an enormous price- we were told! Oh well, I didn't need "helmet hair" anyway... The first sale we went to was right down the road from us and belonged to a very nice family. The sweet man there had made planters (this small one was $10 and he had large ones that were really sweet for $25). The beach chairs were $5 each and the covers come off easily for washing...so comfortable for the river. The sheer aqua floral shower curtain was $1, the vintage set of 3 lingerie/jewelry bags were $5.And look...can you believe we found another cart? This one was $2, the hanging pot rack for The Porch was $10, the wastebaskets were $1 (we'll paint these), the set of 4 plates were $1, each of the 3 lamps were $2, the Time Out bench was $2, the old cheese box was .25.Mom bought the cutest sewing basket full of great stuff for $3!! The Fiskars are worth that alone!Our neighbors at the river gave us this gorgeous birdbath! These same neighbors have given us so many wonderful things since cleaning out their grandmother's old homeplace.While out and about, we found this wonderful Mint & Honey Tea by Sweet Leaf, you oughtta try it!So in the afternoon, my (firefighter) hubby and I took the girls to a parade in Callao. Again, I just love small-town parades! Here is a beautiful vintage firetruck with the cutest...ahem...dalmation. One day, my firefighter and I want to get an antique firetruck to carry to parades maybe in a few 20 years or so.Of course there were the civil war soldiers and the colonial dressed ladies (the little girl was so cute...she kept waving to us).My firefighter's volunteer company engine... and here is a grumpy looking Smokey Bear.After the parade, since we were just 15 minutes from the marina where my parents keep their boat that's now for sale (on the Potomac), we decided to ride there. It's so pretty there...look at this sailboat, would 'ya!My girls and I love to collect old beach glass and we found about 2 lbs of it in 30 minutes here at the marina beach! Ok, on Sunday, mom and I decided to go to the local auction again. This time we were there for 3 hours and because of the influction of antique dealers, only came away with this too cute vintage doll crib for $5. My hubby and oldest daughter were extremely patient during these three hours! Oh how I wish I had won the big pink wooden umbrella-like drying rack!

So it was quite a busy weekend and busy it was for the seagulls who were flocking to our pier and all of the piers nearby! You have never seen so much seagull poop in your life! Do they even do anything else? We actually woke up to the sound of seagulls in the mornings. Look closely and you can see the pelican that flew right into my picture! I've tried for two years to get a good picture of this pelican and I can not believe that it flew right into my picture without me knowing it!Here are a few miscellaneous pics from the weekend:
In trying to get over my arachnaphobia, I thought since these big fat spiders were all over the end of our pier, that I may as well photograph one...

There are so many apples on our tree and I never got a chance over the weekend to make anything with them! The weekends just roll by so fast!

I'll leave you with this beautiful sunset at the river Sunday:


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oooooo....well THAT was a fun post! Those chairs are AMAZING (I'd have scooped them up for the shore house in a heartbeat) and I also like the ($2!!) white lamps a whole lot. The yard sales by me are soooooo overpriced. I'm living vicariously through all of the other good ones in blog land. :-) Thanks for sharing your fabulous finds!

belladella said...

What a great post. It looks like you guys had the best weekend. And you are so right- the weather is amazing...and we finally got some rain here in Amelia this morning. They say more is on the way. Perhaps it will ease the crunchy sound our lawn makes underfoot!

Of course it goes without saying that those are fabulous finds. Love the chairs. I went by Goodwill tonight and picked up a few things. My mom and I are so frustrated bc we see things that have been in there for like 4 or 5 months and they refuse to mark it down or get rid of it. I found a few baskets, a pitcher, some curtains, and a nice red tablecloth. Not too bad.

Hope you have a good night and get lots of rain! I'll send it your way if it gets here first!


Fifi Flowers said...

Lovely weekend... great finds as usual! I had a yard sale over the passed weekend... good to get rid of a bit of clutter!
BTW... my kids are not allowed to read my blog... they don't need to know mom is sad to see them go to school... LOL! Amazing how the grow up so fast... my oldest looks down at me now... youngest checking up to me...ugh!

svelteSTUFF said...

SEA GLASS ?!! 2 lbs. in 30 minutes?!! I am SO JEALOUS!!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Gollllllllly you find the best stuff. Love it all! cherry

No.35style said...

love those beach chairs..great find and that doll bed is precious!

Heidi Ann said...

I think it was worth it just for that great deal on the vintage Doll-E-Crib! We still have our green one just like it from when we were little! I "rescued" it from my sister after my little niece played with it by climbing inside and almost breaking it!

Jersey Girl in DC said...

I adore those beach chairs!

Love your blog :)

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