Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thrifting Around the Northern Neck Part II

I have to share, since I am a lover of frogs, these pics. Aren't these the cutest lil' guys?! They were on our window and our door yesterday. So here we go with what was bought when we were thrifting around the Northern Neck a week ago today...wow that was a fast week!

The sweet lamb square pillow cover was .75, the basket purse was $2, the framed kitchen prayer .50, 3 glass votive holders (to be used in a chandelier that I'm re-purposing) were $3, tray was $1, vintage green glass beaded necklace was $1, the antique glass drawer knob $4, the lace ribbon & trims were $2.50 total, and the antique wooden furniture embellishments were $6.50 for the set of 5(a rare find).
I have a "thing" for bread boxes...this is my newest find and it was $9.50.
I lined it with black & white checkered paper...it's pretty roomy. Most of these clothes were from the $2 a bag and $5 a bag sales (plus my mom and aunt had many things in these bags that aren't pictured). I figure the clothes were from .10-.25 each. Sorry for the wrinkles, I took the pictures while these were drying on the clothesline. The capris and shorts are for my Lilly Pulitzer collection. Yes, I have a collection of Lilly that is mainly either too little or too big, but I just love to look at them. And it's nice to find Lilly for A LOT less than $150 or more! One day I will probably sell these.

The nightgowns & robes are mostly all vintage and will go in "The Porch" when we do a bedroom theme. This vintage baby dress was $4. The Limited pink shorts and the retro market tote are for me...the shorts were in the $2 bag and the tote was $1.

Old housedresses for "The Porch". I love it when you can tell that they were well used...weird, I know.
These pillowcases were $1.50 and match a sheet that I found last year, so I had to get them. Here's a very well used housedress. I can only imagine the chores that were done while wearing this...cooking, cleaning, gardening, laundry, wiping the precious childrens' noses...
The vintage skirt in the middle is for me, the robe and housedress for "The Porch".
The apron was $1
Such a cute peignoir set and vintage prudish robe/nightgown with tiny pink bows in the chest area...it zips, buttons, AND ties...this would be great for the wedding night, wouldn't it?!
After the wonderful day of thrifting, I just had to go to Goodwill in Tappahannock and I found these Ralph Lauren pants for $5,

and this chenille bedspread"ish" jacket for $4, The sweet Christmas p.j.s by Chicken Noodle are for my youngest and were $2.50 and the handmade gingham with lace trim skirt was $4 (for me).
I didn't get pictures of what my mom and aunt bought, but mom did get a marble topped side table for $2 and a chandelier (to re-purpose) for $2, which I'll show pics of later.

So, that's it for now. In part III, I'll show some of the gorgeous homes that we saw as we were thrifting...

'till then, have a great week!


belladella said...

LOVE it all. You know I do :) The bread box is awesome. I can't wait to go on the Northern Nect thrift tour!

Secondhandrose said...

Thanks for visiting my blog . Such pretty colors hanging on your clothesline. The breadbox is great.

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I love all of your finds, as always - and we have a bumper crop of those frogs this year! I think they're adorable.

sharie said...

What a great haul you made again. The clothes are amazing - I don't seem to find anything like them.

Not too keen on Mr Frog though - I'd never have been that princess who kissed the frog...I'd have chucked the handsome-prince-in-disguise down the well.

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Don't ya love those Northern Neck thrift stores! xo, suzy

Adventure girl wanna be said...

New here! I LOVE your blog! It's gorgeous! I am a new blogger! I love it;)

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Fabbo finds--really love that bread box!

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