Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mom & Thrifting Around the Northern Neck Part 1

So first off, I have to tell you something funny...somewhat. After eating crabs with my 7 year old tonight, I walked back in the kitchen to see her chugging the leftover butter/crab bits out of the dish. I think she was trying to out-do her sister, who at the age of 4, chugged the juice/jelly out of a vienna sausage can! Seriously! We obviously aren't watching our cholesterol as well as we should!
Here's the birthday girl...


For her birthday, my aunt and I went with her thrifting around the Northern Neck. We had read this entry by Beth on Elizabeth Holcombe Words and Whimsies and decided that we are close enough to do this! What a gorgeously thrifty day it was! I will have to show you the pics of the goodies we bought another day (most will be for re-sale at The Porch).

We started our morning crossing the Rappahannock to Warsaw.
The first shop we got to was the St. Stephen's Thrift Shop in Heathsville. We've been here before and have always found treasures. Loved so many things here.Next was my most "favoritist" thrift store that I've found so far and it was one that we didn't even know about until my aunt saw the itty bitty sign halfway between Heathsville and Burgess. It's called Secondhand Rose. We turned off of Northumberland Hwy. onto Hull Neck Rd. and actually thought we were probably wasting our time. Well we weren't! There are actually two thrift stores side by side and they are absolutely adorable. The other store is called Rosebud Cottage. Look at these would 'ya:

I thought I was in heaven, walking into the most adorable old store and having the sweet ladies working there offer us apricot iced tea and a cookie jar full of cookies! We found many sweet things here at Secondhand Rose. I love the ambience of the old general store, the prices are wonderful, and we enjoyed the good old fashioned service!
Rosebud Cottage was nice to visit, but a little pricier...definitely worth a look, though! She had adorable children's clothing for nice prices.From there we went to St. Mary's Episcopal Thrift Shop in Reedville which was having a "fill a bag of clothes for $5 sale"!!! We packed about 25 things into that bag! We've always had good luck here as well.Gotta love it!
On to Wicomico Thrift Shop which was having a "Fill a bag for $2" sale!!! It just gets better! We probably fit about 20 things in the bag there and bought some other cute things. They have very cheap prices and a lot of goodies! They do have limited hours though. We got there about 1:05 and the sweet ladies were nice enough to stay open another 20 mins.

Just a funny sign we saw...I wonder what this name is all about...
We should have known not to visit this store after seeing this sign...thifts?
But the old store was so cute that we had to go in. We did get a few things, but there was mostly clothing...and a whole lot of it. The nice woman running it tried to talk me into buying the clothing (b/c she's trying to stick to just housewares since the clothing doesn't sell) by saying that "the clothes had belonged to rich people". Too cute, but we didn't buy any clothing. It may be worth another look after the clothing is gone and you can actually move around the building.
Here are some of our finds, but I will take better pics later of what I bought...
We just happened to see this...what a great last name!
And Pam, I wouldn't think of ending Part 1 without the picture of the BANANA PUDDIN' (you have to pronounce it like that...and loudly)! My mom and aunt Pam were going bananas trying to find this store where they have bought this puddin' before. They were so excited to find it, that people actually moved our of our way at the counter for us to get some. I'm sure that the regulars that filled the store thought we were nuts. But at least we got some banana puddin' and found our favorite Sweet Leaf brand tea here at the Little River Market near Kilmarnock. (They have great southern fried chicken and burgers too).

This was about a 7 hour trip. I'll continue with part 2 of 3 when I get a chance...thanks for hanging in there to the end!



belladella said...

Okay, so I am now planning a trip! These stores look great. I think Mom and I will be hitting these soon. I've never spent much time n that area at all. I'm waiting to see more pictures of what you bought.

Wonder how much rain we are going to get. I think I might just stay in all weekend;

sharie said...

Thanks for putting the map up of your thrifting area. I just love the white wooden buildings in your area. Over here the rain would rot them to a dismal green in no time, LOL. Here is is stone and slate or brick and tile with gutters and drainpipes everywhere!
Its great to see where you find many of your items too and I can't wait to see part 2!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Oh I've been to so many of those places! Part of the fun of visiting my parents in Reedville was going to all these places! My mom and I used to go to the Secondhand Rose store all the time! You really made me miss this! And the Little River Market! I've been there too!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

OHHH man I wish I could go with you guys......I would be in heavennnnn. Tell your Mom Happy Birthday! What a cutie. cherry

The Richard's said...

I've been meaning to leave a comment for finally here I am.:)Great blogs! Tell your mom I said Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
<3 E

Thrifty Cottage Dreams said...

Awwww, E, it's nice to see you on here!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Carmen ~

First, a Happy Belated Birthday to your mom! Any cake left? :)

I looks like you had a fabulous day - and by the look from all of the bags in the back of the car - a very successful day at best! Love the apple bread box I see peeking over the pile. Super find!!

Banana puddin'! Love it! I'dve pushed my way through the crowd, too. That tea is my favorite brand, too! I think the mint is my fav. What about you?

Happy day,

Rhondi said...

Hi Carmen
I read one of your comments on another blog and thought I'd stop by and say hello. Wow, you sure have great thrift shops in your neck of the woods. We used to live outside Philadelphia where it was pretty good but where we live now in North Carolina, it is slim pickins.

belladella said...

I got my turkey platter for .75. I wonder if they were separated at birth :) Funny! I took a brillo pad to mine and it looks great. It was greasy like it had been hanging in someone's kitchen for like the last several decades.

Glad you guys had a nice, lazy weekend too. I wonder if Ike will find his way up here eventually.

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